Fares Aoun
Novel: Jerusalem Spring
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Photographic Journal:               
       Maximum Alaska 
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Fares Aoun was raised in Lebanon, where he graduated from the Lebanese University in Beirut with a degree in Fine Arts.  Already an accomplished painter and sculptor with shows at private galleries and the UNESCO Palace in Beirut, Fares has expanded his repertoire of artistic endeavors to include photography, graphic design, and writing.

His photography has been featured in local exhibitions and his subjects range from nature and wildlife to the sights and people seen during his travels.  His first book, Maximum Alaska, features the astonishing variety of flora and fauna as well as the magnificent landscapes of Alaska.  His portraits of indigenous peoples offer a rare glimpse of a disappearing way of life, a theme repeated in his work with rural farmers and laborers in the Middle East. 

Now he has written Jerusalem Spring, a thought-provoking novel about injustice and the unquenchable thirst for peace.

Fares is married with two children.  He enjoys traveling and cooking in his spare time.